At Woodlands, we thrive to provide person-centred care, promoting independence and dignity, at all times recognising each and every person is individual and unique.

  • Home’s Registered GP
  • Own furniture if wished
  • Footcare
  • Professional Optician
  • Dentist
  • Hairdresser
  • Activities and outings
  • Garden for residents
  • Lift
  • Wheelchair access
  • Newspaper
  • Church Services for all denominations
  • Pet Therapy
  • WI-Fi access



Our long-stay residents enjoy an ambience and environment from ‘home to home’ with assistance from qualified, caring and dedicated staff 24 hours per day, recognising that every day is special, with us all becoming one family.     

We are the guests.  Woodlands is the Home of our residents, with which we are privileged to provide care for residents who have chosen Woodlands as their home. 



Woodlands is able to offer short-stay care (respite) with arrangements for elderly persons (65+) who may need assistance for a limited time. 

We aim for our newly arrived guests to have recuperation, rest, joyful times.  When the time arrives when their respite comes to an end, they take home wonderful memories, feel good and rejuvenated.



We try to make it possible for our residents to live their lives as fully as possible.
In particular, we do the following:

  • Dedicated Activity Co-ordinators
  • Encourage social, cultural and leisure interests
  • Organise group activities both inside and outside the home
  • Help with existing hobbies, pursuits and relationships
  • Internal social activities along with events involving other organisations and volunteers
  • Regular visits from the mobile library service
  • Ensure that the home is a real part of the local community
  • Birthdays are celebrated

We aim to give residents and relatives opportunities to participate in many aspects of life in the home. In particular, residents are regularly consulted both individually and corporately about planning social activities, reviews of menus, interior decorating etc.

We hope that friendships among residents will develop and that they will enjoy being part of a family, but there is no compulsion on a resident to join in any of the communal social activities.

Our objective is always to make the process of managing and running the home as transparent as possible, and to ensure that the home has an open, positive and inclusive atmosphere.



Residents are given every possible help to maintain the links they wish to retain with their families and friends outside the home.
If a resident wishes, their friends and relatives are welcome to visit at any time convenient to them and to become involved in daily routines and activities.
If they wish to be represented in any dealings with the home by a nominated friend, relative, professional person or advocate; we will respect their wishes and offer all necessary facilities.



Residents who wish to practice their religion will be given every possible help and facility. In particular we will do the following:

We will try to arrange transport for residents to any local place of worship if required.

If asked to we will make contact with any local place of worship on a resident’s behalf. We are happy to try to arrange for a minister or a member of the relevant congregation to visit a resident who would like this.

In the public areas of the home we celebrate the major annual Christian festivals. Residents have the opportunity to participate or not as they wish.

All denominations of faith are welcome.

Particular care will be taken to try to meet the needs of residents from other faiths. These should be discussed with the manager before admission.

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